Hi Church,
Over the past few days, the leadership team and I have been in conversation with a lot of you, our staff, as well as with leaders from the area, and we have decided to make some adjustments to our weekend service plans. 
We have decided to host church virtually for this weekend. 
We are not canceling our service, but we are changing the location in which everyone will engage with our church service. To be clear, we are not hosting service live this weekend. Instead, we are asking everyone to participate in our church service online in your home.
We did not come to this decision out of fear or panic; we really do not feel either of those. Also, we’re not caving into media hysteria or pressure. Rather, we have a deep concern for the health and well being of all of our people and most specifically, our elderly population and those with additional health challenges. We would rather make some short-term sacrifices if it has a chance of keeping people healthy so that we can quickly get to a place where the virus is adequately contained and get back to a new normal. Additionally, leaders from our area have specifically asked to temporarily not gather in large groups and we think it is wise to cooperate with their requests.
The more our team has sat with this temporary change of direction and have prayed through this, the more excited we have become about the potential there is in this situation to see God do some amazing things. The early church oftentimes had a hard time gathering in large groups. Instead, they had to disperse and meet in smaller communities and the movement accelerated. What if we saw something similar happen?
With that in mind, we have 3 requests of you:
1. If at all possible, join us this weekend online at 10 am Sunday morning for church. We will be sending you a link Sunday morning via email & text. It will include worship and a very timely and inspirational message from Pastor Todd.
2. Invite as many people as you can to our online service by sending them the link. Let people know on social media that you’ll be participating in church services online this weekend. Many of your neighbors are sequestering themselves and based on the situation may be very receptive to watching church online this weekend.
3. Perhaps host a small gathering of people to watch the service together. You can host this in your home or at another venue while streaming the service online. Get some coffee, go buy some donuts and invite people to join you for church. (The same concerns that I listed still apply to this; if you aren’t feeling well do not attend a gathering.
As of right now we are planning on virtually hosting church for this weekend. We will try to over-communicate with you as we move forward one week at a time so that you have the information you need as we progress. I hope you’ll join us in viewing this as a great opportunity to see God move in a fresh way in Livermore and that you would actively participate in that movement.
Let me know if you have any questions.
God Bless, 

Pastor Todd Hendricks
and the New Beginnings Church Team